• 1987 Amalia Arbel Gallery, Herzliya, Israel
    Bat Yam Museum, Bat Yam, Israel
  • 1988 Amalia Arbel Gallery, Herzliya, Israel
  • 1990 Artists’ House, Jerusalem, Israel
  • 1992 Herzliya Museum, curator Yoav Dagon, Herzliya, Israel
  • 1993 Sarah Conforti Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • 1995 Artists’ House, Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • 1998 Artists’ House, Jerusalem, Israel
    Bursa, Turkey, representative of Israel at Turkey’s 75 anniversary
  • 1999 NOHO Gallery, New-York
  • 2002 Kastra Gallery, Haifa, Israel
    Akko Auditorium, Ako, Israel
    Alvaryon House, Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • 2003 Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv, Israel
    Mizpe-Hayamim Gallery, Rosh-Pina, Israel
  • 2004 Opera House, Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • 2007 Artists’ House, Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • 2008 Municipality Theater, Modi’in, Israel
  • 2011 “A Journey to Sound and Color”, Tirosh Gallery, Herzliya Pituach, Israel

Selected Collections:

Herzliya Museum, Bat Yam Museum, The Bank of Israel, Beit-Berl College, The Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya and other important collections on Israel and other countries.

It is the 11th year that the artist is taking part in the extensive exhibition of Bank Ha-Po’alim. All proceeds are a donation to the HIV fund.


  • 1982 Artists’ House, Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • 1983 Art Pavillion, Yehoshua Gardens, Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • 1985 Exhibition of artists for Herzliya and its Environment, Israel
  • 1986 Artists’ House, Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • 1989 Heical Hatarbut, Kfar-Saba, Israel
    Herzliya Artists at Marl, Germany
  • 1990 Artists Guild Member Present at the Shalom Tower, Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • 1991 Artists’ House, Tel-Aviv, Israel
    Municipal Gallery, Kfar-Saba, Israel
    Nama Gallery, Ra’anana, Israel
  • 1993 Two weeks of creativity in Nueba, Egypt, as the guest of the Austrian Cultural Center
  • 1993 Graetz, Austria (meditation 1993 Sinai)
  • 1994 Herzliya Artists guests of Kfar Tavor
  • 1995 Zen Buddhism as Means of Heightening Creativity. Part of Doctorate by Dr.
    Dorit Keidar. Presented in the New-York National Library, USA
  • 1996 D.Art, Salon International d’Art Contemporain, Niceexpo, Nice, France
    Artists Messengers of Peace, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel
    “Six hours to Israel”, Keren-Hayesod, Nice, France
  • 1997 Israeli Art of Mini-Format, Italy
    LineArt, Gent, Belgium
  • 1998 Artexpo Palm Beach, USA
    Artexpo New-York, USA
    Art Amsterdam, Holland
    Keren Hayesod exhibition, Nice, France
    Moriah Gallery, Washington, USA
    Artexpo Los-Angeles, USA
    Keren Hayesod, Nice, France
  • 2003 “FEEST” Assen, Netherlands
  • 2006 “Matsa”, Lucien Krief Gallery
  • 2008 Israeli Art, the association for the studies of A.L.S. in Israel, sponsored by Sotheby’s
  • 2009 Israel’s artists in France, Meseille, Nice, Cannes, France
  • 2010 Israeli art, Meseillem, France
  • 2010 March, Exterritory project
    October, “Layla Lavan”, Tel-Aviv, Israel
    November, “Jaffa reveals its secrets” exhibition, Jaffa Museum, Israel
  • 2011 “The White Night”, Old city of Jaffa, Israel
    “Leid de Lumiere”, Jaffa, Israel
    Art Festival – “Music in Space”, Old Jaffa Museum, Israel
    Art Festival – Jerusalem Art Center, Israel