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Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting And Its Multiple Unique Purposes

You won’t just find an abstract painting in art galleries anymore…

What is the reason for an abstract painting?

When you enter the homes of many people, you can’t help but notice their decor. It’s not just the way it is presented, but what it is in itself. What might look like a simple portrait of a farm and meadow might have significant meaning when you hear the story behind it. And this is the same for abstract painting. What may look like a flurry of colors and mediums is actually an intense story that shows itself through the beauty of art. Everyone expresses themselves through different means, and the reason in and of itself for abstract art is to get that story out via fine technique and skilled craft. Much like a songwriter or a novelist, the abstract artist uses their talents to speak to the world on topics near and dear to their heart.

What makes these paintings special?

Each of these art pieces is one of a kind, and cannot be replicated. Each has its own way of speaking to you on a personal level, even outside of the intended message the artist has chosen to express. Artist Zahava Lupu uses a combination of oil colors on both canvas and paper for her paintings, as well as a rice paper for her collages. You’ll find her designs mixed with that of contemporary art. Lupu’s paintings are unique and she works to entwine her love for music and color into each piece. This enriches each painting with a world of feelings that are expressed straight from the artist’s heart.

Where do I put an abstract painting

There isn’t a place where you couldn’t put one. The great thing about this type of art is that it works in multiple environments. With the amount of color and different materials used to create the painting, it has the ability to fit into any room. You might find the perfect one that is inclusive of the colors of your living room and make it a wonderful addition to that area. And again, you may find one that blends in with the decor that encompasses your front hall. In addition to that, you can find many famous pieces of abstract art in galleries and museums. They are truly an art form with many unique purposes, from painting for living room to the top art gallery!

Abstract Painting